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We today live in a busy society. Our schedules are filled with work, our kids sporting events, errands and chores, etc. You are hard pressed to find a moment to sit down, relax, and enjoy TV. However, we live on the internet, and spend almost too much time in front of a computer screen. What does this mean? It means you are now offered TV shows to watch online! For some it seems like just yesterday that the television was invented.

You had few channels and even fewer shows. Fast-forward to today and there are thousands of channels with thousands of TV shows available too you. Not everyone has time to enjoy all of the programs that are being offered to them though, until now. With channels offering TV shows to watch online, people who used to not be able to watch TV are now being given a chance. All of the major networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, offer their TV shows online to you, for free.

What this means is you are able to go to anyone of their websites, find the TV series you are interested in, find the specific episode you want to see, and begin watching it! You do not need to register to view any of the episodes, and they are given to you instantly. There are many reasons to why you would want to watch TV on your computer. The first one that I have stated is you do not have time to sit down in front of a TV. Other reasons are commercials, picture quality, and saving money.

Many do not like commercials and use it as a time for other things. If you watch a one hour TV show you will view around 15 minutes of commercials. When you watch your shows online, you will get limited commercial interruptions. The commercials are 30 seconds long and you will have to view only 5 of them in a one hour episode.

That means that a one hour episode will actually be closer to 50 minutes in length. Many computers actually have better picture quality than most televisions. This is not true if you have invested in a new LCD or HDTV, but many computer screens have better picture quality than televisions. Finally, cable or satellite can be extremely expensive. You could be paying as much as $100 a month to watch TV. When you watch TV online, you are not spending a dime because all the shows are free.

You could be saving as much as $1,200 in a year because you watch your shows on the computer.

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