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Amazon bets users will pay up for high-definition music streaming

Amazon just unveiled its latest attempt to attract customers in the crowded music streaming market: high-quality audio.

Amazon to buy 100,000 electric vans as part of broader climate pledge

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a broad plan on Thursday to fight climate change, including meeting the Paris climate agreement 10 years early, which will make the company carbon neutral by 2040.

Amazon just added India's most popular language to Alexa

Alexa now speaks India's most popular language, as Amazon seeks new ways to reach more than half a billion potential users in the country.

iOS 13 is coming this week: Here's what to expect

After months of waiting, Apple's new software update for iPhones is almost here.

Elon Musk teases photos of Mars rocket prototype

A year ago, there was little evidence beyond a few tweets, engine tests, and slideshows to indicate that SpaceX was building a massive spaceship capable of traveling to other planets.

Apple Arcade could change how mobile apps do business

Pac-Man. Lego. Sonic the Hedgehog. An apocalyptic world where you work to survive along with the help of your trusty dog, Frosty.

Demand for the new iPhone 11 appears to be off to a good start

Somewhere in Cupertino, Apple executives are probably breathing sighs of relief if not celebrating as demand for the new iPhone 11 appears to be off to a good start.

SpaceX wants to beam internet across the southern U.S. by late 2020

SpaceX wants to become one of the world's largest internet providers by deploying a constellation of thousands of satellites to beam broadband from space. And it wants to get it done fast.

Snapchat launches political ads library as 2020 election ramps up

Snapchat launched a political ads library as the mobile app becomes a campaign tool for 2020 candidates.

Huawei's new Mate 30 has flashy hardware but Google apps are missing

Huawei is about to find out just how important Google is to its global smartphone business.

This wiggly robotic fish could be used as an underwater spy

The creation of Tunabot was led by a team from the University of Virginia, and the wiggly little guy could help us learn more about the mechanics of fish movement. If all goes well, Tunabots could also be used for things like underwater surveillance.

The Pixel 4 is coming. Google announces October 15 event

The Pixel 4 is coming soon: Google has sent members of the press an invitation to an October 15 "Made by Google" event at which it's expected to unveil the new smartphone.

Facebook bans plastic water bottles in new offices

Facebook will no longer offer single-use plastic water bottles in its new offices worldwide. Instead, it will install water-filling stations for employees.

Lyft hit by five more alleged sexual assault, rape cases in one day

Lyft was hit with five more lawsuits on Tuesday by women who allege they were sexually assaulted or raped by drivers on its platform.

iOS 13 is available to download now. Here's what's new

After months of waiting, Apple's new software update for iPhones is finally here.

Facebook will soon announce the first members of its oversight board

Facebook will soon name the first members of a new oversight board designed to hold the platform more accountable in its content moderation decisions, the company said Tuesday as it released a charter governing the fledgling institution.

Amid a privacy crisis, Facebook now wants to put a camera on your TV

Facebook is doubling down on its Portal product line even as it continues to face privacy concerns.

'Jeopardy' fans can play this game while they drive. Experts aren't sure that's safe

A Google and Amazon-backed startup believes its Jeopardy trivia app is safe for drivers to play while behind the wheel, but experts on distracted driving aren't convinced.

The iPhone camera says everything about smartphones in 2019

Smartphones are boring now. Every year they stay expensive and get minor upgrades.

How TiVo is trying to make a comeback

TiVo revolutionized the way families watched cable two decades ago.

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