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Twitter says Trump's racist tweets don't break its rules

President Trump's weekend tweets in which he used racist language to attack four progressive Democratic congresswomen are not against Twitter's rules, a company spokesperson told CNN Business Monday a conclusion apparently contradicted by Twitter's written policies.

Maxine Waters has a plan to ban Libra and other Big Tech cryptocurrencies

New proposed legislation could stop Facebook's Libra plans in their tracks.

In India, Amazon Prime Day is turning into another battle with Walmart

Amazon Prime Day may be a dominant force in the United States, but in India, the online retail giant has a big rival to contend with during its massive annual sale.

Antitrust scrutiny isn't stopping Big Tech from trying to get even bigger

On Tuesday, representatives from Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google are set to testify at a House hearing on "online platforms and market power," in what could be the industry's most high-profile grilling session since tech antitrust scrutiny ramped up in Washington a month ago.

Facebook says it won't push Libra until regulators approve. But there are caveats

Hurdles are mounting for the project in the United States ahead of Congressional hearings on Libra this week, including criticisms from lawmakers, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and President Donald Trump.

EBay hopes to cash in if Amazon crashes on Prime Day

This Prime Day, eBay will take on its main competitor with a "crash" sale designed to poke fun at and poach customers from rival Amazon.

Instagram launched long-form video last year. Is anyone watching?

Eight months after Instagram launched its Stories feature, it became more popular than all of Snapchat, which originally came up with the concept. But for its long-form video feature IGTV, it's crickets.

'Circus show' summit: Trump delivers meandering speech to his digital army of supporters at the White House

For months, President Trump's biggest supporters have demanded that he and Republicans offer more than lofty rhetoric when it comes to combating what they perceive as anti-conservative social media bias. So, naturally, there was some initial excitement when the White House announced plans for a so-called "social media summit." It could have been Christmas in July, a real chance for the White House to outline a specific plan of action.

SpaceX thinks it knows what went wrong aboard Crew Dragon

SpaceX revealed what it believes destroyed its Crew Dragon spacecraft in April.

Europe's version of GPS suffers major outage

Europe's Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is suffering a major outage, after being offline since Thursday.

US lawmakers set to grill Facebook executive in charge of Libra

The first of two Congressional hearings this week on Libra will kick off Tuesday. Facebook executive David Marcus will testify before the Senate banking committee at 10 am ET.

YouTube executive on criticism: 'We're always going to err on the side of protecting children'

Kids play a huge role in YouTube's success. They binge watch videos and even star in their own content for legions of followers.

The UK and US are on a collision course over taxing Big Tech

Britain and the United States could be on a collision course over taxing internet giants.

Teens, screams and celebrity YouTubers: This is VidCon 2019

VidCon is the internet's wackiest conference, now in its 10th year, where fans keep a look out for their favorite YouTube stars and celebrity pets.

Prime Day: Amazon gives first glimpse of its deals

Amazon has revealed what's on sale for Prime Day.

One of these 12 women astronauts will go to the moon

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" is among the most recognizable quotes in modern history.

FTC reportedly approves $5 billion settlement with Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission has reportedly approved an approximately $5 billion settlement with Facebook, suggesting a lengthy investigation into the social media company's data privacy practices could be nearing an end.

Uber will tie executive compensation to meeting diversity goals

Uber's workforce may still be mostly white men, but the company says it is taking new measures to diversify its staff, especially managerial roles.

Why people still love retro technology like iPods and instant-film cameras

That beaten up Walkman buried in your basement might be someone's hot new accessory. The retro tech market is alive and kicking.

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