Reasons to Remove Spyware Yourself

Removing spyware yourself can at first seem intimidating, but its actually deceivingly easy. All you have to do is try a free scan from a spyware removal tool, scan for problems and then let the anti-spyware tool do its job. Here are 5 reasons to remove spyware yourself.

1. You cant be without your computer for days
If youre like most people, you are dependent on your computer to answer emails, prepare documents, keep in touch with friends, listen to music and watch movies.

If you took your computer in to get fixed by someone else, chances are you would be without your computer for a few days. Would you really trust your computer in the hands of strangers for a few days while you were unable to get work done? It would probably be easier to at least try and do it yourself first because its not really that complicated.

Removing the spyware yourself means that you get your problem fixed that day, sometimes in an hour or less.


There are added risks when you dont do it yourself
Most people have private files on their computers that they would rather not have others see. These might include financial records, sensitive work documents, private family photos, inappropriate files such as pirate music and movies, inappropriate photos of a significant other, etc. These files are safe from prying eyes as long as your computer stays put. Handing off your computer to someone else to fix makes you vulnerable in a way that you werent before because whoever you trust to fix it might not be as honorable as youd like them to.

They might go through your private files and worst case scenario, keep them for themselves and possibly release them to the public. What a nightmare! Why take the risk when fixing spyware yourself can be an easy, straightforward process that can take less than an hour?

3. You could get overcharged
Getting spyware removed is like having any other technical work done. You are at the mercy of the technician. If youre lucky, the technician is honest, you get your problem fixed for a fair price and youre on your way after a few days.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where not everyone is honest and you run the risk of getting overcharged for relatively straightforward problems like spyware removal.

Its not uncommon for a technician to discover other problems, that while legitimate, are not immediate, such as non-working drivers. The technician might make you think that certain problems he finds are more problematic than they really are, thereby costing you more time and money.

Using a spyware removal utility yourself means that you pay a small fee that is probably a fraction of what a professional or large electronics store would charge.

Plus, how do you know exactly how much time was spent on your computer unless youre there watching over his shoulder the whole time? Who has time for that? Its much easier to at least try and take care of the problem yourself by using a spyware cleaner because you can scan your computer for free to see if it can fix the problems.


About the Author (text)Ryan Gutierrez is a technology expert, specializing in internet security. Visit his site at There, you will find articles about removing spyware quickly and easily.

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