Lg Shine The All Metal Cell Phone

LG Shine is a nice looking flip style cell phone with its all metal construction. We sell the flip version, the LG 8700 Shine, of this cellular phone at our Western Canadian store location. Our customer feed back gives us a good assessment of this phone.

What strikes you first when you pick up the 8700 LG is the overall weight of it, as it seems somewhat heavier than most other cell phones. The next thing you notice is how much different the metal skin feels to the touch. Then it is the gold and silver color that catches the eye and makes it stand out from others. Pros.Perhaps one of most important and first questions asked is how is the service.

This is first asked by customers.then we asked it of people that have bought the LG Shine and have used it for awhile. The feed back we are getting is that this LG cell phone gets good to great service reception. Another positive comment we have heard is the construction of this cellular phone is very well made and seems to stand up well to minor abuse and I do mean minor. Some Other Features.

Comes equiped with EVDO for downloading at high speed in the areas where available. The 2mega pixel has video capture and night mode. It comes equiped with a MP3 player and a microSD slot, phone book for a 1000 entries and Bluetooth technology for stereo and hands free accessories.

Cons.Not too much if anything has come back negative on this particular model of LG cellular phone. The overall rating for the new LG Shine from Official Cellular.

com based on customers comments and web site research is 4.5 **** out of 5 stars.

Before you buy a new cell phone, make sure you check Official Web site for the latest review and rating for the LG Shine, and even more LG Shine at A+ Plus

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