How To Prevent Child Abuse Using A Hidden Camera

There is really only one way to prove to authorities if your child is being abused and that is to trust the person who watches your children in the first place. But often the person you trust is a child abuser or even worse, a child molester which will psychologically destroy the child later in life. So who can you trust. The sad truth is you can trust no one. Not you fiends, spouse, babysitter or relative. The best way is to install a hidden cameras into rooms so you can monitor your child to see what is going on when you are away and can't be with your child.

The hard core facts are that today, Most abused and neglected children never come to the attention of government authorities because it's a case of he said/she. Child abuse statistics in our government are never accurate. Authorities ask parents to recall and report abuse that they may have experienced in childhood. Many child abuse stories you here go unreported due to lack of concrete evidence that the abuse even happened at all! Also, there are many types of child abuse from physical neglect to hitting or beating or just verbal abuse which sometime is even worse than physical abuse.

Then there is incest which is when the parent has sex with his or her child which will totally mess the child up for life. Using hidden cameras is key rooms where your child spends his time is vital to insure that he or she is safe from child abuse. At the very least, by using a hidden camera you will be able to prove to authorities that the your child was definitely abused therefore you will be able to prosecute that person with authorities later on.

We give you a list of some of the best hidden cameras than can be used to prevent child abuse or at the very least prove that your child was abused by a nanny, babysitter, friend or parent. 1) The Air Wick Fresh Matic hidden camera is non-functioning as an air freshener but is perfect as a hidden camera. You'll be able to see everything happening and watch your child in the comfort of any room in your house and catch child abuse before it happens. 2) A Hidden Camera disguised as a Puppy Dog that lets you see and hear everything using a hidden camera and speaker.

The signal is transmitted to a hand-held portable LCD monitor that you can carry around the house while doing chores or housework. 3) Yellow Monster Hidden Camera Disguised as a Yellow Monster put this in where your young child or baby is to safeguard against potential child abusers. 4) The Down-View Smoke Detector hidden camera works by mounting it to the ceiling. Put it in locations where your child is in the most until you get home. Many other ordinary everyday objects can have hidden cameras in them that are completely undetectable by a potential child abuser. Each of the above hidden cameras are designed to attach to your TV or to a Digital Video Recorder in which you can record all the activity that the camera sees.

Many times monitoring for child abuse from a remote location is very desirable. Many parents today work on computers at work and need a way to monitor their children when at work to make sure they are safe from child abuse. So there is a 4 Channel Wireless Visec Surveillance System that really is a great and easy system to set up. It can monitor and record up to 4 rooms. Perfect to see pictures of child abuse or detect signs of child abuse.

The best part about a Visec Surveillance System is that the cameras are out in full view and by being visible will let the child abuser know he or she is being watched thus making it less likely your child will be abused in the first place!.

Glenn Freiboth is an author for Surveillance news and lives in Illinois. Surveillance Equipment products can be found at

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