How To Create A Website Address

One of the most common questions asked by those looking to create their own website is how to create a website address so in this article we're going to focus on just that question. Website addresses, also known as domain names, are unique. What I mean is, if one person owns a website address, then nobody else can.

So the first trick is to find a suitable website address, then the second is to actually create it. Good website addresses tend to have the following things in common: 1) Top Level Domain Website addresses can end in all sorts of things - with .com being the most popular. Lesser known endings like .tv or .us tend to be cheaper to create but harder for people to remember.

Because of this I recommend you buy what is known as a "top level domain" - that is one ending in .com, .net or .

org. Typically .com is for a company, .net for an online service (like email or web hosting) and the .org is for a non-profit organization like a charity for church. 2) Short And Easy To Remember Try to make your website address easy to remember to encourage your visitors to come back again and also to increase word of mouth.

3) Consider Keywords Research has shown that if you make a website address that contains the exact phrase your customers are searching for you will increase the number of people who click your listing in the search engines. As a result you will increase your visitor numbers. So if you're selling a course on dog training, so your ideal customers will be looking for phrases like "dog training" in the search engines, try to include this phrase in your website address. An example of all the threee rules so far could be EasyDogTraining.

com as a website address to create. I suggest coming up with a list of 20-30 possible website addresses because as already mentioned, they are all unique, and you'll be amazed how many of the possibilities you come up with are already registered! Once you've got your list, head on over to and type each website address in, one at a time. This free service will tell you if the website address you just typed in is available or not. If not, cross it off your list. At the end you should have a short list of available website addresses from which to choose your final domain choice.

Actually creating the website address is easy. You need no license, no registration with the government etc, is required. You just go to a company known as a "domain registrar" and place an order for the website address you want. Examples of domain registrars are GoDaddy and 123-reg. but there are literally thousands out there and a quick search in your favorite search engine should pull up a long list. There is a lot of competition so searches on "cheap domains" and so on can reveal some real bargains. You'll pay just a few dollars to create your website address, provide a few personal details to register you as the official and legal owner and then within a few days your website address will be made and available for you to use.

And that's how easy it is to create a website address!.

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