cool ways to use the iPod shuffle

The iPod shuffle can do much more than just play music. Here are a few things you can use your shuffle for, that will enrich life and improve your knowledge. You can use your iPod shuffle to learn a new language. Since the iPod shuffle is light enough to listen to anywhere, you should take advantage of those long waits in lines to brush up on your foreign language skills. Simply add audio books that teach the foreign language that you wish to learn and listen to them anytime and anywhere without interrupting others.

You can share your music with another when using a Belkin headphone splitter. The Belkin headphone splitter connects into the earphone jack of your shuffle and provides two connections where you can connect two earphones instead of one only. This would be a prefect solution for couples that wish to listen to music instead of boring conversations during family gatherings. Sitting side-by-side, a couple can smile and nod while listening to their favorite band without anyone being the wiser.

A Belkin headphone splitter would also be a perfect solution for families with two teens and a low budget. The teens can share an iPod and the music without the fighting that usually occurs between siblings who have problems sharing items that were purchased for the whole family to use. You can listen to the songs on your iPod shuffle on your car radio by combining a Belkin Tunebase with Belkins Tunecast II. Tunebase plugs into your automobiles cigarette lighter and has an adjustable neck that holds the iPod shuffle with ease and Tunebase charges your shuffle battery automatically when connected.

The adjustable neck will let you position your iPod shuffle at your convenience. Tunecast II is an FM transmitter that you can attach to your iPod shuffle. The transmitter lets you play the songs on your shuffle through your cars stereos. By using a combination with Tunebase and Tunecast II you can have your favorite selections playing as you drive each day, without jeopardizing your safety, or others safety, by listening to your shuffle with earphones on. The iPod shuffle can also be used to store important data files. If you need to backup important data files, you can add them to the shuffle using iTunes software for safekeeping.

Carry your important data files with you wherever you go by simply clipping your iPod shuffle into your briefcase, purse, pocket or shoe. You can also use the iPod shuffle to help you with your studies if you are a student. Using your computer, record your notes into MP3 format and transfer your recordings to your iPod shuffle using iTunes. Now you can listen to your notes during breaks, on your way to and from class and at night before doing your homework. Studies show that the mind retains information better when heard than information that is merely read, so by listening to your studies instead of just reading them, you will not only improve your knowledge but you will learn faster as well.

This not only helps to improve your grades, but it also provides additional free time for you to enjoy other things besides your studies.

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